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NTN Wines are a producer of exceptional fine wines and spirits from all parts of New Zealand. Led by pioneering winemaker Nicholas Thomas Nobilo ONZM, NTN collaborates with global entrepreneurs to bring over 350 plus years of winemaking experience to the world.

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A finely crafted Hawke's Bay Merlot from New Zealand's premier growing region, crafted exclusively under the watchful eye of Nick Nobilo


Nobility is fine wine infused with royal spirit, based on the Merlot grape variety. It is expertly blended to be enjoyed with exquisite cuisine or as an evening apertif.


Vinoptima, from the Latin meaning, ‘best wines” perfectly epitomises the vision of Vinoptima to be the very best Gewurztraminer in the world.

Tom Kari - Infused liqueur

An infusion of exotic and exuberant spices and floral delights, embodied in an exquisite aromatic elixir derived from the Gewurztraminer grape.

Noble from Vinoptima

As the name suggests Noble comes from ‘noble rot’, the beneficial fungus that in certain optimum climate years attacks and shrivels the berries, in turn concentrating the juices to produce a very special rare wine of exceptional quality.