Award Winning

Tom Kari


TOM KARI is an infusion of exotic and exuberant spices and floral delights, embodied in an exquisite aromatic elixir derived from the Gewurztraminer grape.

“How is it that this exquisite liqueur exists and that I am not aware of it? “How did it come to be?” And certainly – “Why has it taken so long to create something so deliciously fine?”

You are enjoying the culmination of many years of experiencing, learning, applying, and perfecting a taste so refined it can only be celebrated. Creating a unique product requires exceptional talent. Tom Kari brings together a team passionate about their craft, who settle for nothing less than perfection in their quest to produce this ultimate sensory experience.

It required a true visionary. A patient man who values highly the wisdom gained from referencing ancient knowledge and traditional methods – a man dedicated to authenticity. A life spent attaining the pinnacle of the industry, challenging all limitations. Crafted with dedication and honesty, combined with a passion for continual improvement. The culmination – Tom Kari

An Unparalleled Taste.

To create a product enjoyed not only for its superb taste, but also for its unique combination of natural ingredients – along with its unparalleled lingering finish.

First each day to see the sun. Tom Kari has been created in a pristine climate superbly suited to growing incredibly lush native flora and fauna. A soil rich in nutrients – there could be no better location to craft one of lifes greatest pleasures.

Sitting back in your comfortable armchair, content and relaxed, sipping Tom Kari’s exceptional wine liqueur. As the warm liquid rolls onto your tongue, questions begin to form in your mind…

TOM KARI  has won a bronze award at the London World Spirits Competition and is an enticing elixir of spirit infused Gewurztraminer skins, Asian spices, and pure natural Mandarin extract sweetened with Manuka honey.